Day 83: Health & Hiatus

October 18, 2009

In the last month I’ve had some health and family issues come up at the same time. I didn’t want them to affect my gaming, but they’ve become serious and I have to put my family first, my health second, and gaming somewhere after.

I’m putting the Tag’s Folly 4e D&D game on an indefinite hiatus; I can’t say when or if I’ll be running it again.

I’m really, really sorry to have to do this.  I wanted to meet and provide GMing for gamers in Toronto, and I’m sorry that I can’t.

If anyone wants to GM in the world of Tag’s Folly, I’d be happy to give everything I’ve got done (which boils down to my blog, the encounter envelopes, and parts in my brain) and answer any questions.  I’ll let the canned items in the blog run out, which will take me to around post #100.

The game just needs more than I can give right now.


One Response to “Day 83: Health & Hiatus”

  1. Johnny Oneiric Says:

    I seriously thought about GMing the next 2-3 planned games. I wish I could step up and do it, this is a rich and fascinating world that bears much more exploring. But, like you Ryan, I looked at my schedule and I just can’t work it out right now.

    The blog posts subsequent to this one continue to whet my appetite for more gaming around Husk, in The Wastes and perhaps beyond. I hope we can pick it up again one day. Meanwhile, just adding to the fiction is fun in itself.

    Thanks for the good times,

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