Day 91: If I had a million dollars

October 26, 2009

I’d probably spend my days writing stuff like this:

The players notice a noblewoman friend of theirs appears in a portrait of another family from a hundred years ago, and then meet her in a completely different place and she doesn’t act like she knows them.

They uncover a trove of clockwork pieces, including ones that look like porcelain doll versions of the woman’s features.

and this:

In the family’s past, someone tried to find a formula that would allow them to live forever, and succeeded. Unfortuantely, they kept aging, and now they’re still acting as the patriarch, controlling the family from the shadows… a shrunken, dessicated husk kept in plush-lined chamber disguised as a large dollhouse.

and this:

Strange men with a dead, heavy-lidded gaze set up a defensive perimeter around a bizarre disaster in the neighborhood, barring inquisitive locals from approaching.  They are immensely strong and obstinate, refusing even to let residents return to their homes.

If the guards are struck about the head, a chip comes off the paint on their eyes, revealing dark stone orbs. If the paint is removed, the “eyes” are revealed to be stone spheres carved in runes of a language no one understands. Four other identical orbs are situated in different parts of the body of these strange guards.


One Response to “Day 91: If I had a million dollars”

  1. Johnny Oneiric Says:

    Wow, surreal and chilling.
    I wish you had a million dollars.

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