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Day 84: Gyrcrows

October 19, 2009

Though from a distance they appear as normal birds, closer inspection reveals that the beaks of these birds have long protusions, like backwards and downward-pointing mandibles.  When a gyrcrow opens its beak fully, these two protrusions touch, and this creates a bladelike bone down their breasts.  Gyrcrows are feared for their diving attacks, which slash their targets with wounds that are difficult to close.

Wild Gyrcrows normally only attack in defense of their nests or territories, although in the purple grasses of the Esting  they have been said to swarm, and tear their prey apart faster than any sandstorm.


Day 62: Ryerson Game

September 27, 2009

I had a great time at the Ryerson game, and I got one thing that I really needed: Renewed enthusiasm for Tag’s Folly. I’d been feeling a little bummed about the lack of response, the dropped players, and the scheduling woes. But I introduced more gamers to the world, and saw them really enjoying the interaction with it.

Besides that, there’s not a lot to report from the GM side. We had a bit of a late start due to some scheduling confusion, and I met Alex and Mason, who I haven’t gamed with before. The players nicely put their Wizard, played by Mike R, next to the voracious hyena pack, but again I was denied my coup-de-grace. This time it was Monty who stepped up both by opting to play a leader class, and by actually doing the Wizard-saving.

In that battle I again saw the ways that 4e encourages roleplaying through combat roles, and this time it was the way 2 PCs were fighting back-to-back in one combat, and how two sets of PCs co-ordinated with each other in the following fight where they had a lot of diffcult terrain between them.

Pics of me

July 31, 2009

Hey, who is that Ryan guy anyway?  Have I seen him at the events he’s talking about?