Day 97: Lantern Street

November 1, 2009

A nice spot in Husk, Lantern Street is one of the more multi-ethnic areas of Husk, where Tiefers and Wasters dwell in about equal numbers. Those who have lived there know about the connected cellars beneath many of the houses, even running across the road (some of these cellars were originally hallways within the Husk). These luckily do not experience seepage from the similar tunnels which serve as Husk’s sewers.

At the very end of the street is a hub of a few roads, where they meet at the circular Wyrrith Park. Wyrrith Park is known for the Wyrring Tree, a large, somewhat healthy willow watched over by a ghost who, though seldom seen, is subject of many local folk tales. Wyrrith Park is the main location for the holidays celebrated by the people of Lantern Street and is large enough to host a small fair (although this is definitely a local park – the rest of the city celebrates holidays elsewhere, especially in the Sheltered Market).


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