Day 88: Srol

October 23, 2009

I hate to write of Srol; my hands shake.  My fear is too great to tell you, in truth, what they are.

Their smiles are a gluttonous dog’s smile as his eats his master’s corpse, lapping at blood until he retches.

Like beasts, passions drive them, but the passions are fit to no beast.  Srol exult when raping the dead.

Like men, they speak.   Their words are knives and poison, and men have bled to death through their ears at the sound.

They hate Chex and all works  in his name; artifice revolts them and they seek to destroy it always.

Srol were once manifold and disparate – some scratched beneath the surface, some hunted men, some were demons of an ancient time, and some were created whole cloth by the gods of the void. Even today, there is diversity amongst the Sroc and Sroggoc. Some are horned or blemished, with ingrown nails and horns and fly-ridden postules common. All share a sickening stench of carrion and decay. Rarely seen and deeply feared in The Wastes, they are corrupted and corruptors, brutal man-beasts with an abiding need to destroy and a taste for fouled water and carrion.

  • Sroc are the simplest of the Srol, but their brutality has its cunning – just as a pack of wolves can be called simple and brutal, so too a pack of Sroc. They have the appearance of gibbering, man-sized baboons, and their shrieks chill the hearts of men.
  • Sroggoc are warlords among Sroc; they communicate with disgusting grunts punctuated by sucking noises like a man digging a wet ditch. They tower over the Sroc they command – those with horns can reach eight and a half feet.
  • Srilloc are the “mothers” of the Srol, for they implant their young into the Sroggoc who burst forth as Sroc. Tales tell of Srilloc who appear as beautiful maidens to lure wise men to the mouths of their babes.
  • Sraharek, are the craftsmen, but they craft with flesh rather than tools. They are said to be like holy men to the Srol, but nothing in the Srol could ever be holy.
  • Sratti, made by Sraharek, are their kings and lords.

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