Day 96: Old School

October 31, 2009

Here’s a blast from the past: the Vyrmen, which are oily, draconic vultures from my old Staunwark Island campaign. I came up with the concept, and after a disastrous situation where I added the half-dragon template to a vulture (and basically killed a PC out of the blue) Blackdirge of EN World did the stats and expanded it out for me.

At first sight this creature appears to be a large black vulture, but closer examination reveals its draconic origin. The beast is covered in greasy black plumage through which splotches of ebony scaled flesh gleam. A head that is part avian and part reptile sways from a short supple neck as the beast hisses menacingly and tears at the ground with its long raking talons.

Exceedingly foul and ill tempered, Vyrmen are the result of black dragon blood mixed with that of ordinary vultures. The beasts were designed to act as aerial spies and skirmishers but turned out to be all but intractable, and the sorcerers who created them gave up entirely. Of course, by that time, many of the Vyrmen had already escaped into the wild. Unfortunately the fecund quality of their draconic blood has allowed them to flourish and they have become quite the menace in many populated areas.

All Vyrmen are a dull black in color and range from the size of ordinary vultures to monstrous specimens the size of ponies. They are universally of foul disposition and will attack and kill anything that cannot outrun or outfight them. Also, it appears that in special circumstances Vyrmen can be bribed and commanded – but only by those with stronger black dragon blood than their own.


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