Day 92: Stitchers-of-Worlds

October 27, 2009

Stitchers-of-worlds appear to be harmless floating disks, from which several tendrils and twin eyestalks emerge.  The disks are hard and strong, like a horn, while their tendrils are soft and vine-like.  They are around the size of cats, though their tendrils can extend about two and a half feet.

When natural fissures or rents in reality appear, these beings are often drawn to the fissure, and slowly, carefully, repair it.  They are often encountered underground, near locations that have suffered from the mad plans of plane-tearers, and their diet consists of rats and insects.  When they have access to the surface.  When above-ground, their preferred food is tree leaves or long grasses.

Though clearly not of this world, and possibly originating from the mad and fecund Void, Stitchers-of-Worlds are generally benign, and in the past some were even kept by wizards and artificers as pets.


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