Character Creation

August 13, 2009

Update: #10 and links to races and names.

This post will stick around, and be updated with any new information that comes up around character creation.

For now, I’ll organize them in the order they have come up, so you can scroll to the bottom if you want the newest clarifications.

House Rule 0: The world only goes up to level 12, after which progression is feat-based, as indicated in the pitch sheet, Out in the Wastes.

  1. Create a character that’s a Waster or Tiefer.
  2. Wasters can be Fighters, Rangers, Rogues, or Warlords.  Wasters can take multiclass feats for Primal classes (Barbarian, Druid, Shaman, and Warden) as well as Martial ones.
  3. Tiefers can be Warlocks, Wizards, Bards, Sorcerers, or Swordmages.  Tiefers can take multiclass feats for Martial classes, as well as Arcane ones.
  4. PHB, PHBII, Martial Power, and Arcane Power content are A-OK for this game.
  5. Use the names from the names list.
  6. For ability scores, use the standard PHB point buy for all characters.
  7. Wasters cannot take Arcane classes.  They also can’t multiclass into Arcane classes.
  8. All characters are professional adventurers, who have reasons to go out into the wastes.  Beyond this, a visual description, and an idea for how you’re going to roleplay, you don’t need an extensive backstory.  Due to the structure of the game, I can’t guarantee that a player’s backstory will actually come up in play.
  9. Yes, I’m allowing Swordmages, but I really prefer Waster Fighters and Tiefer Wizards if you’re just trying to fill the roles and want to give me a warm fuzzy feeling.
  10. Note the rules for character retirement.

If you have questions, my e-mail address is


7 Responses to “Character Creation”

  1. Johnny Oneiric Says:

    Question for Ry and everyone reading this,

    regarding the recent discussion (on the TAG forum) about coordinating character concepts, and making sure that we have all of the “party roles” covered (defender, striker, controller,…uhmm, and snacks?).

    It’s working out well for the first session because we’re all just making up our characters now. But in future and in general, groups of players will form sessions based on social parameters and who’s available to play, with party roles a distant 3rd consideration. What are people’s thoughts on the importance of covering all the party roles?

    I tend to think that a group of compatible players is important, and that dealing with a skills gap in the party is just part of the fun. The PCs can try to hire a mercenary NPC, or try to avoid certain types of challenges.

    Or is it important enough that someone should borrow another player’s character, or roll up a new character to fill a role for one session? Or are groups of players going to become more or less static because of party roles, unable to accommodate roster changes?


  2. stoughton Says:

    I think the DMG has some suggestions for how to handle parties that don’t have one or more of the roles. Largely, the advice is that you substitute monsters that have an advantage in this situation for other monsters that don’t.

    I am totally ignoring that section. Combats that change to accommodate the players that show up are antithetical to the concept of Tag’s Folly.

    So, what I might recommend is cracking open a DMG (at a Chapters or whatever).

    Instead of reading it as “what to avoid if your players don’t make a party like this” read it as “what do we need to be extra careful about if we have a party like this?”

    That is to say, take it as player advice, rather than GM advice.

    So I don’t think the roster should be static. But understand that it’s a lopsided party and that will reduce your effectiveness against certain monsters. That’s all.

  3. Monty Martin Says:

    As far as I see it, it’s about balance. You need strikers to bring the enemies down, and defenders and controllers to help hold the bad guys off. Leaders keep everyone on their feet – I really wouldn’t want to leave town without some healing.

    I would be more than willing to roll up the Waster Fighter I’ve been thinking about if it means helping to fill in the Defender role. I could even see Arkavius as a Bard. I say this only because at the Heroic tier, the controller role is pretty superfluous anyways. I can have fun with anything, so I’m happy to help support the group if need be.

    Ryan, the continued emphasis on House Rule 0 ignites my curiosity insofar as I’m interested to here the creative reasons behind it – you must be getting lots of questions about it!

    It’s worth mentioning to anyone concerned about a level cap that even if you play every week, it can take the better part of a year to make it all the way to 12th level – and that’s assuming you grind your way through five level-appropriate combats every time you play. Which means sessions of five to eight hours. In a word: it’s a lot, and I’m not sure that kind of rapid-fire progression is what we can expect in this game (correct me if I’m wrong)

    So enjoy the journey!

  4. stoughton Says:

    For a discussion of that House Rule 0, and why I’d adopt it, you can go back to my 3e days. I wrote a thing called “E6: The Game Inside D&D”, which got some play. I’ve uploaded it here:

    As for rapid-fire advancement, that all depends on how fast you go through the setting. I doubt it will be THAT fast because of time constraints on the players. But if you guys decide to start taking on areas that are clearly tougher than your level, well… you’ll either advance faster or have the fun of making new characters. 🙂

  5. Johnny Oneiric Says:

    Same here, Monty. I’m generally happy to play whatever class is required to round out the party. But this campaign is unique in that the party will change from session to session! I just wonder to what lengths we are going to go, each session, to fill all the party roles.

    I hope that games will go ahead whenever enough players can get together, and adventuring without a Leader /Controller /Defender /Striker just becomes part of the challenge for that evening.

    • stoughton Says:

      People can have multiple characters but experience will be character-specific.

      I bet somebody will ask soon about what I’m doing for character death / retirement. I’ll put up a post soon.

      • Johnny Oneiric Says:

        I think you should make all PCs immortal. It can really boost player engagement. I’ve heard.

        😉 /sarcasm off

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