Day 94: The Witch-Empress

October 29, 2009

Edit: WordPress ate Day 94, I’ll move that to day 95.

What follows tells of the Eastern Dome, and its greatest leader.  Some say Crucia descended from Yushia herself.

Yushia was the eldest child of the Dalat-Ma, a lesser noble house that had become part of the Sky Guard. At the time, few recalled their claim to the Tenfold Throne, which dated back to the Paiogun Wars. Her mother was a frightening witch, and her father was Yushius, the highest-ranking member of the Sky Guard guards caste after the mass assasination of the bastard-Aspirant Abius.

Wisely, Yushius convinced the remaining members of the Sky Guard castes to withdraw from the conflict following Abius’s death, choosing to preserve the Dominion Guard castes rather than backing a particular Aspirant-Emperor.

Their forces gathered, they secured a safe exit from Padalat; a long train of Skyguard – once the mightiest force of the Eastern Dominion – passed through the Arches of Padalat. While walking beneath the last arch, Yushia’s mother gave birth and died in the same moment.

Yushius’s forces retreated to the ramparts of Hune, a sprawling fortress built deep in the mountains we now call the Knuckle. Yushius brought with him certain loyal Imperial vassals who like him, no longer had a lord to serve, and thus made a tiny, self-sufficient enclave that was sheltered from the early Madness.

Thus, Yushia was raised at Hune, surrounded by warriors, warlocks and men of state.

When she was old enough to wed, Yushia disappeared from Hune. Ten years later, she returned and deposited her four children to be raised by with Yushius. From this day onward she was never remarked upon as having any outward sign of aging. Over the next 12 years she would return occasionally, while rumours spoke of a mighty Witch gathering forces and spirits to her side. Then, like a lightning bolt and aided by strange warriors from a nameless land, she conquered Padalat independent of the support of her father’s Skyguard. A messenger was sent to Hune, and once again the Empress had a guard (though she was an Aspirant, in truth). She would spend the rest of her life securing larger and larger portions of the Eastern Dominion, and showed no touch of age until her death just before the completion of the Thrice Coronation.


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