Day 86: The Blood Plain

October 21, 2009

This high, flat land is cut through by a roaring river.  It lies a few days travel west of Husk, and is twice-aptly named.

First, it is named for the blood that was spilled there in countless battles between the Dominions.

Second, it is named for the blood that literally seeps from the ground in those spaces that lie near demonic Abscesses.  Demons have been known to appear when these abscesses Fissure, pushing their way into our world and then moving off to wreak havoc or corrupt new followers.

Curiously, the Blood Plain’s healthy soil, irrigation, and level ground make it the ideal breadbasket for the region, but even back to the early days of the Dominion it was not used for any peaceful purpose.  Most agree that the place was accursed even in antiquity, long before Waster or Tiefer set foot upon it.


One Response to “Day 86: The Blood Plain”

  1. Johnny Oneiric Says:

    Indeed, blood makes a good fertilizer, but ye reap what ye sew…

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