Day 85: Heççians

October 20, 2009

As the Dominions tore themselves apart, none watched with more delight than the accursed Heççians.  These creatures hailed from a time long forgotten, and even their ruined hive-cities were a terrible threat to the peoples of modernity.

Heççians, it is said, combined the features of elegant humans and vicious wasps.  Their alien calculations defied mortal understanding, and made every place they touched an altar to their horrific god, the Zinya.  Histories say that the Heççians took many slaves, disfiguring them in the likeness of the Zinya, or piercing their bodies and making them living hosts for the Heççian’s demented larvae.

Battling the Heççians was one of the few threats that could unite the Dominions, though only for a time, and some of the greatest Dominion-era sorcery was worked to eradicate Heççian hives, or seal the Heççians away from the light of the sun, which they crave.

We are blessed that few have been seen in  the age after the Dominions, but somewhere they may still lurk, drawing designs on the walls of their prisons wherein the entire world becomes a monstrous hive.


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