Day 81: Treasure and Experience

October 16, 2009

There have been some questions about rewards, since I’ve brought them up in the past as something I may tinker with.

On the experience end, I am working on something that will give extra XP for a faster game, since that’s more fun for me.  I’m not sure I want to incentivise talky encounters because they’re part of the game’s exploration agenda – which only has an indirect relationship to the advancement chart (i.e. finding new zones).

When it comes to treasure, the Wastes are as I design them, not tailored to PCs.  However, if you’re trying to go in a particular direction for loot, consider poking around in the Take 10 process and asking more questions.  Not questions like “where can i find a sweet +2 Longsword?” Instead, try for something in the fiction: “Who were the great warriors of the Big Tribe?” or “In the old Dominion, where were the major mining and metalworking centers?”

Remember that my resources to work on the game are finite, and that (short of mounting an expedition) the Take 10 process is probably your best bet for shaping what it is I’m spending my time on while prepping.


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