Day 78: In A Wicked Age

October 13, 2009

So on Tuesday I got to play In A Wicked Age, with Paul, Rob, and Kate, and once again it made for an intense short story.

The player characters were all children (plus a devil in the guise of a human boy). The game got very dark very quickly, and it spooked me a little afterwards how quickly and effortlessly I dropped into the role of Baryamin, who was an extremely abusive patriarch. But it was really great finally meeting Paul and getting everyone introduced. I lost track of my IAWA games at 20 or so, but once again the game delivered a engaging, visceral chapter, and once again the fiction was dark and brilliant.

Paul played a character that was actually a devil–the soul of a stillborn child who was thrown off the alabaster tower. But his motivations were still very childlike–mostly, he wanted his father and mother to love each other.  When he talked to his mother, however, it was very, very creepy.

I have to admit that when devil-boy engineered the rape of his mother by his father (by trying to get them to love each other again) I got a bit freaked out – partially because, by establishing Baryamin as such a monster, it felt inevitable. On the other hand, that completely nailed the sort of Damian/Poltergeist/Sixth Sense angle, where the devil-boy doesn’t know he’s a devil-boy, doesn’t realize he’s hurting everyone.  Paul really went for the throat – he was playing a devil in the guise of a child, not Casper the friendly ghost – and it sure did work.  I think I found the character most disturbing when Paul brought him back to trying to do good at the end of the chapter – I expected the devil-boy to take a turn to show himself as completely irredeemable, but instead he went the opposite way and threw his weight behind Rob’s character in the final moments.

Rob summed up what was remarkable about Paul’s character: “He was most fiendish when apparently a boy and most human when apparently a fiend.”

Kate’s character, Cajen, was the first on the Owe List, and she felt the most like a “protagonist” in the whole situation – she tried to help the other characters, and though at first fascinated by the devil-boy, she was ultimately repulsed by them.  Rather than being victimized herself, she attacked Baryamin (the directly abusive NPC), and escaped with her mother from the brutality of the household.  Cajen will be the subject of the next chapter, and I’m exceedingly curious as to that character’s ultimate arc.

Anyway, Rob reminded me of my previous In A Wicked Age blog, which was here.

Also, In A Wicked Age is the best roleplaying game ever written, and you should check it out here.


One Response to “Day 78: In A Wicked Age”

  1. Monty Says:

    So, I checked this thing out.

    /jaw has hit floor.

    I feel like reading it the author is saying to me, “Hey, all that improv stuff you theatre people do is pretty cool. What happens if we add everything you love about RPGs to it? Now roll some dice that have some real weight!”

    What’s exciting is that I could totally use IAWA as a gateway drug for my non-gamer theatre geek buddies, which could be all kinds of awesome right there.

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