Day 75: The Dominions

October 10, 2009

Tiefers, Wasters, and others of the Dominions; ultimately, we all sinned.

The Spine should have divided the two Dominions, East and West, but these mountains and their hills were too rich, too tempting, too vast. How could they be a simple border?

So each step upon the Spine or its foothills became an affront. Each affront was answered with new manoeuvres, and each manoeuvre provoked outrage. Soon, both Dominions claimed rights to the entire Spine, and demanded rights to police the other to defend their claims.

War was inevitable, but inconstant. Crossing the Spine was ever treacherous, and each side savaged the other while failing to secure benefit for themselves. So as each caught their breath, there were times of armistice and treaties, and short gasps of peace. But no observer or historian could deny: the Dominions could not but war with one another, unto their destruction.

That destruction came not at each other’s hands, but was instigated by those efforts.  The Dominions, remember, fell because of what they created.  They fell because of the Vulgar Gods.


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