Day 74: The Moon Angel

October 9, 2009

Of all the angels revered in the Wastes, the Moon angel is the most beloved.  As the angel of mercy, her forgiving touch and gentle light is always seen as a good omen.  She appears in the water of clear oases, and as guiding light cutting through fog or darkness.

Her symbol, the crescent, always appears prominently in angelic temples, although often less so than the Sun’s disc.  The Moon angel is loved for being more comprehensible and less demanding than other angels, and her influence appears to be genuinely directed to give the greatest aid – not in her own terms, but in the terms of the needy.  The moon angel is never depicted holding a weapon; in the cases where death is a mercy, the moon angel calls on her kindred, the death angel, to wield the blade. For this reason her symbol almost never appears on weapons or knives of any kind, and such images are considered at best bad luck and at worst, serious offenses.

Silver coins, also called moons, are often used by Wasters and Tiefers when giving to the poor.


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