Day 72: The Three Ways

October 7, 2009

I have three ways I play.

1) Follow my lead

In Follow my Lead play, one player – always the GM – is the author of the game’s story, and the players take roles within that story.

2) Story Now

Story Now is live fiction, like live music.  The point of Story Now is to create the fiction at the table, and puts all the players in the position of author, actor, and audience at the same time.  Story Now is an incredibly complex topic with a mind-boggling diversity of play experiences that can be had.

3) Step on up

Step on up games are about overcoming challenge and playing to win.  Many step-on-up games are competitive amongst the players, with the GM acting as a referee.  The other step-on-up model is where the GM sets up a world full of challenges – like an amusement park on steroids – and the players go about choosing challenges and using their skills to defeat those challenges.  In that context the GM crucially provides consistency, and danger is not an illusion.  4th edition Tag’s Folly is a Step on up game of the latter variety.


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