Day 71: Tension and Fissures

October 6, 2009

The four primary types of extraplanar spaces are Abscesses, Constructs, Echoes, and Fonts.

Abscesses are cursed places where the madness of the Gods of the Void seeps into the world.

Constructs are strange and wondrous, created by vast intelligences like the Nuclear Gods.  Some ancient empires have attempted to create Constructs of their own, usually resulting in vast devastation and collapse.

Echoes are realms of the dead.

Fonts are realms of abundant life.

Extraplanar spaces create a phenomenon known as Tension, which underlies most Tiefer magic.

A Fissure is an actual entrance that links an extraplanar space with real space.  Occasionally an abundance of Tension will cause a Fissure, but more commonly Fissures are opened by powerful monsters, demons, and madmen.


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