Day 70: The Line

October 5, 2009

There is a pretty easy method you can use to figure out whether I’ll enjoy bringing you into my game.

Are you actively trying to make the game better for the other people at the table?

Basically, if

  1. you expect the other players and GM to just make the game fun for you regardless of what you contribute,
  1. you’re using things like “That’s what my character would do” as an excuse to disrupt the people around you,
  2. you use “That’s not realistic” as a way to grind the game to a halt if something goes against you,
  3. you need to talk authoritatively about everything all game, so everyone else acknowledges your gaming brilliance
  4. you use the game group as a way to pick up or work out issues from your therapist,
  5. you’re ignoring the game, or
  6. you’re generally being a big, blustering asshole until you get what you want,

then I’ll probably try to avoid gaming with you.  On the other hand, if

  1. you’re paying attention to whether the game is fun for the other people,
  2. you’re actively trying to make your contribution improve the play experience,

then you’ll be OK in my book.  If, in doing 1 and 2, you go with the group on things like rules knowledge, showing up on time, and generally helping the real-world stuff get sorted out, then you’ll quickly move into my certified awesome gamer list.

It’s that easy!


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