Day 67: Upcoming Milestones

October 2, 2009

I love this grim, psychotic world, I love doling out tiny pieces of it in the daily blog, I love the little corner of sanity around Husk, and I love to watch it all grow.

Of course, this game keeps me very busy.  Here are a the important milestones that are coming up:

November 4th, 2009: Day 100 of the Tag’s Folly blog, time to assess, decide on how the campaign is going, look at whether I’ve met my objectives, and how my workload lines up with my fun.  This is where I’ll start looking at stretching the 4e rules on the GM side, if I haven’t gotten the prep time down to something manageable (right now it’s too much).

The feedback I get from that day’s post will probably have a big influence on where we go from that point on.

January 1st, 2010: Another project begins.  By this date, Tag’s Folly must be a self-sustaining organism.  I figure if I can prep a 3 hour session in 1 hour, people are still scheduling sessions, and I am having fun running the games, then I will have achieved this objective.  I will be very happy, and we will all be in a groove together.

I hope that happens.  But January 1st is a day to look at it critically, see what and make a call on what future the game has.  I see a few possibilities from there:

  1. Stay the course, and commit to another six months of keeping Tag’s Folly available as an open game.
  2. Recruit another GM to run sessions.
  3. Keep the game going in a more traditional way (i.e. with one or two stable groups).
  4. Change the relationship of the players to the prep (i.e. get more from players).
  5. Switch rule systems.
  6. Start a new Husk campaign with a different rule system.
  7. Cancel the game entirely and focus on my other gaming groups.

By that day, the feedback process will be over – that’s decision time.


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