Day 64: If only it were that easy

September 29, 2009

A few people, notably John, suggested that I should try to use pre-prepped modules and so on to build my encounters for me.

I have been trying to do this, but generally, I find:

1) It takes me longer to internalize someone else’s encounter than it does to simply make it myself.

2) Putting pre-made encounters into the Tag’s Folly universe counteracts the time saved.

3) Most of my time is spent printing up monster stats, getting tokens, and drawing the map anyway.

4) The modules coming out from Wizards notoriously ignore much of their own GMing advice from the DMG and DMG2.

Analysis of that last point is the subject of a very good blog called Eleven Foot Pole.


2 Responses to “Day 64: If only it were that easy”

  1. filbolg Says:

    you may wanna time yourself on this whole , predone content takes longer than self made content. I certainly enjoy 4th’s ease on the gm side, but there is still lots and lots of things to waste time on (in a fun manner if you enjoy the lonely fun thing).

    What I’m saying is you may have observation bias, because im pretty sure you enjoy this whole tag thing a lot more than some old book thing, making it seem a whole lot shorter.

    I would suggest a timer,

  2. Johnny Oneiric Says:

    Ok, if you don’t want to lift whole encounters out of published modules (because it takes time for you to internalize and modify the fiction around those encounters), then you could just grab the monsters/traps/terrain. Assuming that the original author balanced things nicely, all you’d have to do is overlay your own fiction, and you have finished encounters ready to go.

    Easy for me to say, eh? I haven’t looked at 4e from the DM’s chair, yet!

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