Day 63: Dice Habits are hard to break

September 28, 2009

Mike R, confirmed awesome player and GM, mentions once in a while how little things, like rolling both your attack and damage together, can make the 4e game much faster. I agree.

But darned it if I can’t internalize that. I’ve been rolling attack first, a bit of narration, then rolling damage and completing the narration since at least 1994.

Even when I was thinking of it at the second Tag’s Folly session, I actually didn’t do it once.

Is it hard to change old habits.


2 Responses to “Day 63: Dice Habits are hard to break”

  1. Sandy Says:

    I’ve tried it as well, and had the same failure. I’ve been doing it since the early 80’s, so it’s pretty much impossible for me to break.

    As well, it’s a real let-down to roll a maximum damage, combined with a MISS.

  2. Dan Lynch Says:

    Trust me, it can be learned. I started playing D&D around 1991, and in the last six months I have fully switched over to simultaneous rolling. If every player and the DM does it you save *ridiculous* amounts of time. Just keep gently reminding your players, over and over again, and they will start doing it.

    As for the disappointment of rolling high damage on a miss… just don’t look at the damage die until you know it’s a hit!

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