Day 56: Creation Myth

September 21, 2009

The world is so old… too old.  Too many things have gone, too many dreams forgotten.  Perhaps even the world has died, and this isn’t even the world, but its great-granddaughter.  Even she has grown old, and she bears so many scars from the wonders and nightmares that have been visited upon her.  So much has happened, can it really matter what happened in the beginning?

There was ash and dust.  But the ash had cooled, and the dust was like ice, and the whirling nether had no end.  In that choking, senseless dark, the gods of the void dwelt, neither alive nor dead, mindless and devouring only themselves.  In those days they had not taken up their idiot dance, they had not spread their madness, and their shrieks had no menace, because there was nothing to madden, nothing to destroy, and no tuneless piping to give the mockery of form to their writhing.

But the ash and dust, the relics of dreams long-dead, gathered, and in their gathering was born an impulse.  That impulse repelled the gods of the void, and they did not understand its threat.

So it came to pass; the sun’s riotous birth, slaying gods of the void, and sending the rest to flee, which they loathe.  So they set out to destroy the sun, and their attacks birthed the Nuclear Gods.  The Nuclear Gods loved the sun, and the distinction between light and dark, living and dead, presence and emptiness.  Their existence was anathema to the gods of the void.

For aeons, the gods of the void savaged the nuclear gods, and were rent and torn in return.  Through this, the sun’s tears and the dust of the void were mixed, and in that mixture emerged worlds.

No force, no god, no intelligence created our world.  Our world was an accident, a byproduct of the conflict between alien intelligences and equally alien urges-manifest.


2 Responses to “Day 56: Creation Myth”

  1. Johnny Oneiric Says:

    That’s… dark 🙂

  2. ronCidious Says:

    …and bleak!

    I approve!

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