Day 55: Bullshit #2, Organizers should Organize.

September 20, 2009

So, basically, I tried to be nice while I was there but D&D game day at the Aurora Public Library was essentially a disaster.  I had come out to try to meet new gamers, and I did, so in that way it was a success.

But here’s some tips if you’re organizing a game event.

  1. Give a shit about whether anyone besides you has any fun.
  2. You’re expected to try to make the game better, not be a distraction.
  3. Don’t invite someone who you know will be a disruption at the table.
  4. If it’s a public library, reserve a room.
  5. A constant stream of talking might be a problem.

Now here’s the “are you fucking kidding me?” bit.   So the event was booked at the Aurora Public Library, but the organizer decided that we didn’t need to book a room.  This means the librarians have to come and threaten to kick you out – not the best atmosphere to introduce new players and make a first impression.  “Hi, I like Roleplaying Games and I’ve set up an event.  First, I’m going to make you very uncomfortable.  If you get excited about something, make sure to keep it to yourself because we need to be quiet.  I’ve also talked over the GM, disrespected the other players and the game, and acted like I’m 5 years old.  By the way, I’ll spend a good part of the game scolding my son who’s being almost as obnoxious as I am.  I don’t care whether you’re having fun.  Want to invite me to your game?”

So this manages to be Toronto Gaming Bullshit, #2, totally unplanned.


One Response to “Day 55: Bullshit #2, Organizers should Organize.”

  1. ronCidious Says:

    This should be an example in the great tome of: “How to Make PnP RPGs EVEN MORE Repugnant to the General Public.” and a definite case of: “WTF Were They Thinking…” Wow. I’m sure all the RPG books in catalog are now being pulled from the shelves. Cue Chick Tract! XD

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