Day 47: Languages of Tag’s Folly

September 12, 2009

As can be seen, I renamed and reimagined all the monsters that I used in this campaign.  Although I haven’t figured out how to change the language names in the Character Builder, I do find those languages jarring.  Here’s what the list should look like.

Languages of the Tag’s Folly setting:

Plain is the “common tongue” – a conglomeration of dialects from the fallen Domes that has become standard for trading in the Wastes.  Its usage became broadest during the times of the Big Tribe, and it uses the Scrape.

Graven uses the Gnomonic script, and is a language of the Sentinels’ servitors.

Celeric is the language of some lost and ancient peoples, it uses Celeric script.

Endemic is the theorised language of the Nuclear Gods, and uses the Noetic script.

Helicoid is a language of demons, using the Rictus script.

Hexic is an alien tongue that also uses the Celeric script.

Nihil is the theorised language of the Gods of the Void, and is expressed in the Rictus script.

Saturnine is the leaden and discordant language of the Vulgar Gods, it uses the Empyreal script.

Scurrilous is the language of the Scurvs and their various kin, it uses Scrape.

Sentient is the language of the Sentinels, using the Gnomonic script.

Scripts of the Tag’s Folly Setting:

Celeric is a clear, organized script with many careful angles.

Empyreal is the script of the Domes, and itself appears to be a holdover from earlier ages.  Empyreal was adopted by the Vulgar Gods as they took over the Eastern Dome.

Gnomonic is the script of the Sentinels.

Noetic is the script of wholly mental creatures, and has been adopted by many of the supernatural races.

Rictus is a demonic script.

Scrape is the simple script that was common in the lower classes of the Eastern and Western Domes towards the end of the Cycle.  The script is very easy to write, and is used for both Plain and Scurrilous.


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