Day 46: Pipers and Cutter Rats

September 11, 2009

Pipers are filthy, wrinkly humanoids who delight in spreading misery and turning beauty to squalor. Their posture and withered skin suggest the form of an old man, but the size of their hands is disproportionately small, like the hands of a child.  They are named for their strange whistling tunes, which they use to communicate with packs of cutter rats.  Besides this whistling and a choking cackle resembling an expletive, Pipers do not speak.  However, due to their mobility and affinity for rats, they sometimes act as messengers for other despicable humanoids.

Cutter rats are large, fast-breeding rats with yellow fur and voracious appetites.  They are named for their sharp teeth, but they are more renowned for destroying food stores and decimating fields of crops.  In the farms in and around Husk, a bad infestation of cutter rats is considered more dangerous than a tribe of Sawtooths camped in the Surround.

Cutter Rat

Cutter Rat


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