Day 40: More about Yak

September 5, 2009

1) In A Faery’s Tale, there are good faerie’s and bad faeries. Mechanically, Faeries have Light Essence and Dark Essence, granted by the GM for good and bad actions. The worst of the bad faeries are the goblins: they have no light points, and only dark points. In short, they’ve gone all-the-way bad.

2) In our Faeries of Echo Park game, faeries boil down to psychic emanations of the humans who live in this impoverished neighbourhood in victorian-era Belltown.

3) I’m playing a goblin. He’s a funny, crazy, destructive little faery. His voice is somewhere between a five year old child and Andy Serkis’ Gollum. He’s rambunctious, lazy, and more than a little vicious.

When I added those 3 things up… I realized that Yak’s existence was more than a little tragic.

If Yak is an all-the-way bad goblin, then Yak’s family must be all-the-way bad too. At the jam night I adopted a homeless man (Joe Stillgar) and his scrawny, orphaned son (Little Joseph).

Yak’s existence embodies this family’s inability to get themselves together.  More than anything, I’m a metaphor for their self-destruction, or at least, their inability to deal with the world.  While the other players try to help their families, Yak will neglect or abuse them.

I don’t know if Yak’s family is going to “make it” – and it certainly won’t be my doing if it happens.  Maybe Joe and little Joseph will find they can stick together and help each other.  But maybe Joe will stay a drunk, and end up in jail – and maybe little Joseph will end up sewing in a factory.  Yak might get better, but then again… he might just get even meaner.

The challenge of playing Yak is being funny, frightening, and tragic at the same time.  So far I seem to be able to manage the first pretty well, but we’ll see about the other two.


One Response to “Day 40: More about Yak”

  1. Johnny Oneiric Says:

    I had a ball GMing for chaotic Yak, cowardly Conor and dim-witted Aiden. The accidental release of the dragon and destruction of the faery palace – and the neighbourhood orphanage – was a great ending to the first session! Whatever these guys try next, they’ll be starting from an interesting position: in deep sh!t.


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