Day 39: Reunited with Yak

September 4, 2009

A few years back, just as I was getting a D&D module ready, Paizo posted this picture on the paizoblog:

When I saw this, and the accompanying goblin song, I giggled with delight. Look at that short one on the left.  Look how happy he is?  That was the inspiration.  So I switched out the jermlaine in the module for tiny-sized goblins, brought my minis (lettered A through Z) and ran the game.

Two or three encounters in, the players managed to scare the goblins into cutting a deal.  Kate, one of the players in the one-shot, decided to take one along.

The goblin that was caught used the letter Y, so I named the goblin Yak.  As a sidekick, Yak provided dumb ideas, item storage (regurgitation) and spontaneous chewing.  Knowing that goblins are lazy and untrustworthy, Kate decided to tie Yak up in her backpack, with just his head sticking out. When caught chewing on Kate’s character’s hair, he said that he was “juss flawssing…”  Upon finding a mirror that swapped tiny and medium sizes, as soon as he heard the keyword, he kept shouting “schvange!  schvange!  schvange!” causing everyone to change sizes over and over.  At the final secret door, when the players figured out they needed a candle and didn’t have one, he gorged one up, then complained “Why do I have to do all the work?”

Yak was one of those things that just happens in a game, and it sticks.  My friend Kate remembered who I was because she remembered Yak, and a month later I was playing in her Serenity game.

Now, when John proposed running a Faery’s Tale game in our rotating slot, and we decided we’d play either gray-area faeries or flat-out bad faeries, I thought of Yak.

I’ll let you know how it goes.


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