Day 38: Tag’s Folly, Session 1

September 3, 2009

I had an awesome time at the first session.  Most of us were new or unsure on the rules, so we were coming up a learning curve, but I had a fantastic time playing my monsters “to win”.

The party headed out on the 11th of Marks, and it went something like this (correct me on this if I miss a day):

11th: Head out to the edge of the Surround

12th: West through the Wastes, camp by the scrawny tree at the cliff.  Night: Encounter versus

13th: Keeping to the high ground, fight at the rathole pillars, camp on top of one.

14th: Current campaign date.

While there wasn’t a ton of content, there was a really fun vibe at the table, with the jokes and side-comments and that first little feeling of how the game helps engender camaraderie among the players.  I thought I was going to have a chance to coup-de-grace a player, but the group played it safe and I lost my chance.  As the opportunity appeared I kind of felt like “don’t make me coup-de-grace Rémi… that would be mean…” and then I didn’t have to.

But I would have totally taken his liver.

I definitely want to thank Monty for helping with the rules; he’s played a LOT more than we have, so I definitely leaned on him to get us up the curve.  I think next session will go much faster.  We played till 11, and luckily enough Kon offered me a lift home (so I was in my door before midnight).  I hugely appreciate that.

I was really happy that my prep was effective – I prepared about a dozen encounters, and while we only played 2, my encounter packages meant that I didn’t have a lot of lag time where I was just setting up the encounter.  I did draw the map at the table, but I’m keeping those maps to use for later slogs.

In general, this game felt like capital-Ds Dungeons and Dragons.  That takes me way back.


One Response to “Day 38: Tag’s Folly, Session 1”

  1. Johnny Oneiric Says:

    Ya it was an excellent night, thanks again Ry! I’ve posted a session summary in the game thread:

    The Toronto Area Gamers (TAG)

    Toronto, ON
    1,431 Toronto Area Gamers

    Meet other local D&D players, indie-RPGers, wargamers, and boardgamers for adventures and fun! Experienced & Newbies welcome. A great way to meet like-minded gamers (and curio…

    Next Meetup

    Kita- Kon Anime and Culture Convention (Thunder Bay) – Aug 2…

    Friday, Aug 22, 2014, 7:00 PM
    0 Attending

    Check out this Meetup Group →

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