Day 34: FanExpo

August 30, 2009

Holy… god… that was a lot of people.  FanExpo was so packed that they had to turn people away.  I went out to get some food, and when I came back I had to line up again – because there were so many people inside it was getting unsafe.

Here’s what it looked like after it calmed down a bit:

20090829 - Fanexpo 005

Huge success for the con.

I played in Sara’s IAWA game (which I wasn’t sure if it was going OK, and then all of a sudden it was totally awesome).   I checked out a few things, walked the Exhibitor Hall, got my food, came back, waited to get in again, and then I was basically good.  I can hardly believe FanExpo is in danger of outgrowing the convention centre.

Anyway, the punchline: FanExpo was intense, awesome, and featured lots of people playing lots of things.

Will I go next year?  Probably not.  Frankly, I’m not a huge fan of crowds, and I’m finding (lately at least) that I don’t need to go to conventions to play the games I love, or to meet new gamers.  I did both of those things, though, so my con experience was definitely a success.


One Response to “Day 34: FanExpo”

  1. Remi Says:

    I tried to go, but couldn’t: I saw the 1000 person line-up and it wasn’t even crawling along.

    So I went to the CNE instead and that was nice. ESPECIALLY rib fest!

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