Day 25: Player Preparation

August 21, 2009

Before a session, players should send me their characters.

Players should bring their character sheets, dice, and pencils to the session.

Everybody’s time is tight, and watching someone build a character is less fun than playing.

For the first little bit, I understand no one wants to buy manuals until they know the campaign is going to stick.  So I will help players by building characters for them in the character builder.  That’s a favor to help you out, and as we go forward I’d rather stick to stock builds, and then phase out my involvement in character sheets altogether.  By November, I want to be completely down to “hey GM, show up here at X place and Y time, and we’re heading to Z in-game place” mode.


4 Responses to “Day 25: Player Preparation”

  1. ronCidious Says:


    Just submitted some concepts…

    and just wondering if you’d be okay with an open call to DnDers from the Toronto DnD Meetup or the Missasauga one?



    • stoughton Says:

      Hey Ron, sorry for the delay responding (I had a bad flu and barely managed the daily posts).

      An open call would be fine; my only concern is that if someone got themselves banned from TAG then I’m not interested in playing with them (i.e. creepy guys who follow people home, people who steal from other people’s houses, that kind of thing). Just common sense.

      Do you have a cat-free place to play?

  2. ronCidious Says:

    Okay, I neglected to note the banned people part of the open call, so yeah, I’ll restrict it to TAG.

    Venue – Our place is too small to game, so only place I game at is Ryerson, I’ve been curious to set up at Dueling Grounds b/c apparently they do have a new store setup.

    Organizing – Maybe set up “A Stouter’s Rogues Gallery” on TAG. This would be a place to see what Roles are out there and have them fill out a “profile template” which would double as an editable player availability and char. “Boast” journal to jot down session notes/ warnings/ accomplishments. There’s Obsidian Portal, but your blog and TAG seem easier to maintain/access as a hub.

    It’d be interesting to see who’d be up to blue-booking. B/c that’s actually my fear with leading an expedition. I’d be a PC with GM responsibility i.e. not just organizing, but book keeping, note taking, baby-sitting. I don’t mind doing it, but I’m not familiar enough with the world and RPG engine AND as a PC I want everyone to pull their weight and stay involved.

    Maybe I take my fun too seriously, but in all honesty, I’m tired of the RPG Bullshit expectations too.

    • ronCidious Says:

      Seems a little anal but, possibly worth a go?

      Player/TAG Username: Willing Expedition Launcher: Yes/No
      Availability (Days am/pm frequency/flexibility):
      I can host (x) players:
      DnD/RPG experience (NOOB/Low/Mid/High):
      I have these 4th Ed. books/TableTop resources available:

      Husk Char Name/Lvl/Class Build/Race:
      Husk Char Role/Align/Angel:
      Char. Image (please limit resolution to 300×200):
      Char. Motivation/Tagline:
      Char. Description/Persona:
      Char. Contacts:
      Session Journal:
      Boasts/ Accomplishments:

      Also, this may lead to giant thread posts too, so… IDK. Possibly put in Game Threads as a separate Thread? Just trying to brain storm here 🙂

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