Day 24: Grays

August 20, 2009

Grays are enormous humanoids, roughly 10 feet tall and extremely thick-bodied. They are covered in thick, rippling fat, which forms folds down their limbs and torsos. From a distance Grays look like enormous, obese toddlers. Their mouths are a wreck of disfigured teeth, each the size of a child’s fist, and broken by innumerable dust ups with other Grays.

They are extremely violent and dangerous, and have no mercy. Their eyes are frequently bloodshot.

Grays can hibernate for up to 20 months at a time, and spend some of their time in a docile, grazing state, known as “stupor”.  However, once roused from this state, their hunger and thirst is unbearable. They scream their mad need, and then haul their massive bodies across the wastes with startling speed.  When they arrive at whatever spot has caught their attention, they take what they think they want, often destroying it in the process.  It’s unknown how long Grays can last in this state; even in the desert heat, no one has seen a gray that has worked through its monstrous layers of fat.


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