Day 19: Recruiting Plan

August 15, 2009

So the first session, scheduled for September 1st, has enough players.  But just one group is forming – although there are at least four other interested players in the periphery.  Hopefully another brave leader will emerge.

A natural question might be: Hey Ryan, why aren’t you actively recruiting on the TAG messageboard?

Good question!  I’m basically letting it happen for now.  I hope that John’s game spawns a few other “parties” but even if it doesn’t, that game gives me a launchpad – I have a general idea of what is happening in that session, I know most of the players, and I can imagine how it will go.  So I have a very solid idea of what areas and encounters I need to prepare.  That will give me a good base to work from and material that I can reuse with other groups.

My plan for after September 1st is to try and get Sandy (who I can blackmail with lies) and Obscure (who expressed interest and whose real name I just forgot) to mount other expeditions out into the Wastes.   I’m hoping that after that, it becomes its own organism and I can concentrate on feeding it with maps and encounters and completely ignore recruiting.


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