Day 18: Settlers Night recap

August 14, 2009
So Settlers night was awesome.

First, we ate.  That’s actually becoming my favorite part about the nights at the House on the Hill.  We hang out and talk about all sorts of interesting stuff, and there’s no pressure: “Hey guys, haven’t seen you in a few weeks.” and “I saw this cool thing you guys should check out.”

As we ate, we noticed the map that John drew of the neighbourhood for Faery’s Tale.  John pulled up a map of an old London neighbourhood, and drew based on that.  The map is totally sweet, and we started talking about it as we headed downstairs into the game room.

The game is set in our alternate Victorian-era London, called Belltown.  This will be the fourth game set in Belltown (after GHOST/ECHO, It’s Complicated, and Mutants and Masterminds), but the earliest chronologically.

We started pretty open, talking about what was cool, who were the big movers and shakers, what faerys were, and so on.  We knew we were on to something when we decided the faeries were ghost-force emanations of the families that live near echo park.   I’m not going to infodump here, but we have a very An American Tail vibe to the whole thing.

OK, but you want to know how Settlers went.  The game was awesome, as usual, and by twenty minutes in everybody at the table had said something along the lines of “This is a really well-designed game.”

Mike and I already knew the game, but Trish, John, and Peter hadn’t played.  To keep things simple (i.e., to keep to 4 players), I sat out and helped teach while Mike played.  It looked a little something like this:


The game was on the slow side of first-games, because the initial placement caused a lot of blocking.  But everybody “got” the game and the trading aspect was a real hit. We’re trying to play again on Thursday the 20th, but I have a scheduling conflict that I’m hoping to solve by just inviting another gamer in.

Anyway, fun times, even though I didn’t roll the dice all night.  I was glad to play with Trish as well, and I’m hoping we can get my wife Kat down soon as well.


4 Responses to “Day 18: Settlers Night recap”

  1. Johnny Oneiric Says:

    Good times! I’m a convert. Like you said Ry, it’s “Monopoly with FUN added.” Sorry you didn’t even get to play! My dad’s a Monopoly nut, he’s gonna LOVE Settlers.

    I’m pumped for our Faery’s-Tale-for-grown-ups game. I’ll post a more details of the scenario on my blog _Thinking Outside The Red Box Set_ soon (see Ry’s Blogroll).

  2. Mike R. Says:

    The game ended up taking a while, for a few reasons, actually. One was the new players, and two the blocking placement. On top of that, however, we were playing open-handed so as to offer advice and strategy to the new players. However, this slowed the game down quite a bit, because there were no opportunities for bluffing, etc. and we all became a lot more wary of trading resources to people who were obviously ahead in points.

  3. stoughton Says:

    I think that’s a good takeaway: Once the players are in the swing of it, pick up the cards.

  4. Johnny Oneiric Says:

    That’s a great pic for a camera-phone, by the way. Mine can take sharp pictures in direct sunlight, but sucks indoors.

    -Johnny (hasn’t seen An American Tale)

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