Day 16: Co-operation

August 12, 2009

I’m looking for this game to be about the PCs working together against a dangerous world. That’s the mindest I want the players to have, and the characters that you make will reflect that.  Dark character backgrounds are totaly fine – with a setting like this, I expect them. But when it comes to the serious work of adventuring, both I and the other players expect the party to work as a team.

Of course, it’s mechanically a good idea to cooperate in D&D.  Controllers can’t really afford to get hit very much.  Rogues need someone burly to help them flank so they can stab guys in the kidney.  Defenders of all stripes don’t have very good damage output, and really benefit from strikers to actually put down the opponents they immobilize.

That was a big design decision for putting this in 4e.  4e is a game where the fun comes from confronting the external world.  So that’s what I have in mind when I write for the campaign.

We will maximize fun when everyone buys into the cooperation meme.

Thanks to Story Games for giving me the core of this post.


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