Day 15: Calendar from the fried brain

August 11, 2009

One of the things left on my checklist (besides the OBVIOUS and IMPOSING list of dungeon maps that need to be drawn) is making a calendar for the game. This is mostly for me as the GM, keeping track of what parties are where and major events that the players have triggered.  The world has a 377-day calendar, and the months are named Janissary, Fairview aerie, Marks, Sable, Nay, Hewn, To lie, Sawdust, Set timbre, Rucked over, Cold ember, and Dissembler.

You really won’t be expected to know that at the table, but I don’t want to just use a regular calendar when I’m doing all this immersive stuff everywhere else.

The game starts on the 11th of Marks, ’37.

Other than that, I’m REALLY, really tired and will sleep so I can be sane again.  I need to talk about co-operation, camaraderie, and the Vulgar Gods (a.k.a. “dragons”).


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