Day 14: Thunder in the distance

August 10, 2009

Update 2009-08-13: Link to newest character creation guidelines.

Today I got my first request for a session, and a character concept, and then I remembered: I hadn’t posted guidelines for names.  I had meant to post them before the “Ante Up” post.  Those are drawn from the Story Games Name Project, which is an excellent resource for GMs.

So those are up. If you’re interested in playing in the Tag’s Folly campaign, you should make a 1st level character to send to me.

Go here for the most up-to-date character creation guidelines:

The rules are (note the clarified Race/Class restrictions):

1) Create a character that’s a Waster or Tiefer.

2) Wasters can be Fighters, Rangers, Rogues, or Warlords.  Wasters can take multiclass feats for Feral classes (Barbarian, Druid, Shaman, and Warden) as well as Martial ones.

3) Tiefers can be Warlocks, Wizards, Bards, Sorcerers, or Swordmages.  Tiefers can take multiclass feats for Martial classes, as well as Arcane ones.

4) PHB, PHBII, Martial Power, and Arcane Power content are A-OK for this game.

5) Please use the names from the names list.

My e-mail address is, and as always I will answer any question I get in the comments.

I’m glad this game is getting interest, and I look forward to running it for lots of people.


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