Day 13: Questions answered!

August 9, 2009

Update: I submitted this before it was done.  Sorry if you saw the previous version with messed up formatting and no editing.

TAG’s inscrutable Obscure posted some good questions on TAG’s messageboard, and I shall answer them.  Also, I’ll answer 2 other questions this brings up.

What classes and sourcebooks will be allowed? What about classes like barbarians, which are technically not Martial?

Only Player’s Handbook 1 and 2 are allowed, all classes with the Martial and Arcane power sources, but no classes from the Feral or Divine power sources.

Why can’t Tiefers pick up a weapon and become martial characters?

I strongly favor rules that reinforce the dynamic I want at the table, and that screw in tight to the fiction. In Husk, Tiefers are very close to the arcane, and the relationship between Tiefers and Wasters is about being different, but complementary.  Players will naturally find they have more in common with characters of the same race, but can benefit enormously by joining forces with the other race.  A Tiefer character who picks up a sword would be represented by taking the Fighter or Ranger multiclass feats.

Will you be able to handle GMing this weekly (say, two concurrent biweekly campaigns)?

I want to accomodate multiple groups, and I want to be gaming about twice a week.  One of those will probably be a TAG event or the games I play with the regular group at the House on the Hill.

How common/reliable will the firearms be, and how does this interact with classes like the Fighter, who is specialized for hand-to-hand combat?

The firearms will be fairly uncommon, relatively unique, not for sale, fand only partially reliable.   In the rules, they will be represented as magic items that have an encounter power (boom!) and some other possible side-effects (like misfires on a roll of a 1).  The image I’m going for is: Blam, drop gun, draw sword, start battle.

D&D combat is built entirely around medieval weapons and armor…are you taking these out, and if so, how will you rebalance things?

The quasi-medieval weapons and armor are staying, and will be effective against some gun attacks.  Other gun attacks will target reflex – it will really depend on the gun’s stats.

What genre is this game?

I’m not big on restrictive genre definitions, but if you made me choose I’d say Mieville-esque steampunk crossed with points of light D&D with a slightly postapocalytic vibe. But the gameplay is all D&D – i.e. the game is all about exploring dangerous places, killing the dangerous things that live there, and living to tell the tale.

What’s changed since last year when you swore off D&D 4e?

When 4e came out, I found it a bit of a disappointment – but mostly, this disappointment was about the changes in Wizards’ relationship with 3rd party publishers and fans, rather than actual disappointment about the rules.  Also, I was really sick of dwarves and elves, so I didn’t “pull the trigger” and say “hey guys, you can start scheduling sessions.”   Anyway, the punchline is that I came back to the idea of running a mega-campaign, made it my own, took another look at the 4e rules, and decided that I was ready to get the game moving.  That’s why I went so quickly from posting to planning to having a game that’s ready to play (which is where I’m at now).

If you have any other questions, I’ll catch them in the comments.


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