Day 12: Taking a pass?

August 8, 2009

So today was pretty insane, and I have to work on the weekend, so I am taking a pass on the daily journaling today.

Seriously, I sat down to say I was missing a day today.

Oh, who am I kidding.

Here’s where I’m at with names.


Gecks: Oversized geckos, who like making traps and are monstrously untrustworthy.

Scurvs / Scurvies: Pimply little anarchist monkeys with razor blades, come in several flavors.

Squats: Short, stocky, and extremely violent humanoids, who have basically no necks, beady eyes, and protuding tendons.

Vulgar Gods: Earthbound demons that take various forms, frequently multi-armed giants with wings or tails.

Cochos: Legendary giant owl-panthers with songs that can shatter bones but who also keep mysterious secrets.


Places near Husk: The Surround (immediately around Husk), Scrublands (nw), Rocky Barrens (ne), the Goldweed (se), and Tripper’s Steps (sw).

Far away places: The Roof of the World, Gyre, the Saltwash, the Black Hills, Stonepines, Nahabal, the Trackless Jungle, the Ocean, the Land of Rain and Plenty, Shadowspan, Wingsfall, Sieve, The Arch Road, The Halcyon Sea.


Grays, Hafgrays, Miracle Men, Tintets, Srol, Fissures, Barrelstock, Facetakers, Phageworms, Thricers.

Seriously, that’s all I can spare time for right now.  But if a brave adventurer asks, I will take a crack at your question in the comments.


2 Responses to “Day 12: Taking a pass?”

  1. David Says:

    You had me at “new D&D session.”

    – David

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