Deities in Husk

August 4, 2009

Worship in Husk tends to fall along profession and age, rather than race.  There are five divine beings in the ad-hoc “Pantheon” of Husk, of which four are carried over from Waster tribal worship, and the other one is imported from Tiefer culture.

The Sun Angel

The Sun Angel represents judgment and justice.  He is the harshest of the four Angels, and when oaths are sworn he is invoked.

The Moon Angel

The Moon Angel represents kindness and mercy, and she is associated with rains and oases.  The appearance of a moon’s clear reflection in the oasis is a good omen.

The Star Angel

The Star Angel represents wisdom, although this wisdom is often difficult to understand.  The Star Angel is associated most strongly with the pole star, about which the heavens spin.  The Star Angel’s gender is usually hidden, and it appears only in outline.

The Silent Angel

The Silent Angel represents acceptance and temperance, as well as death.  The old make sure to make their peace with the Silent Angel, to ensure that she is gentle when she comes for them.


Originally a Tiefer god, Chex represents the keen eye, and the assurance that hard work and prudence garners great results.  He loves mathematics and rewards those who make others lives easier.  He is seen as a friend, not rival, to the Four Angels.


2 Responses to “Deities in Husk”

  1. Johnny Oneiric Says:

    So I’m wondering how the language around Hull reflects the prevalent religion. It says that the Sun Angel is invoked when oaths are sworn. “By The Sun, I swear I will have my revenge!”
    How else will we swear? Curse? Greet or say farewell?

    Some ideas:

    Swearing & Cursing:
    By Chex’s eyes! (I swear!…)
    Star’s wisdom! (this is confusing/ridiculous!)
    Holy crescent! (Holy s#!t! /Have mercy!)

    The Silent Angel walking on your heels
    (death is near)
    A prayer to Chex
    (any great work; a labour of love)
    Sun Angel’s kitchen
    (a harsh landscape or decisive battle)

    Thoughts? Further ideas?

  2. stoughton Says:

    I like it – those are smart.

    Let’s say it’s a couple of generations later, and it’s been abbreviated (you know how those kids are).

    Swearing and Cursing:
    Chexeyes! (I swear!)
    ‘Swisdom! (this is ridiculous – awesome because it sounds the opposite of what it is, like the shit vs. shit)
    Cress! (have mercy!)

    Check your heels. (death is near)
    A prayer to Chex (a labor of love – this one is perfect, John)
    Sun Angel’s Kitchen (also totally great)

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