Day 7: Checklist

August 3, 2009

So, with a system chosen and a general idea of what I’m doing, I need to focus my efforts on getting to the first session.

According to Ben Robbins’ suggestions, before I can run a session, I need to have the following:

  • One solid lead to get the first expedition out the door (probably a treasure map).
  • At least three regions (I’d prefer 5), with
    • solid encounter tables
    • at least 2 sites of interest sprinkled throughout each (I’m aiming for 5)
    • the treasure map’s destination (I’m aiming for 3 destinations total)

By my count, that means doing up about 50 maps.  I may have to scale back my hopes, but not necessarily.  We’ll see how it goes with the watercolors.

There’s a few things I’ll need to do outside of that list:
  • Write up what Races, Classes, Deities, and equipment is available.
  • Work out what rules I’m using for firearms, because I definitely want some Victorian firearms in this game.
  • Reskin about two dozen monsters for use with this game.
  • Make up a calendar to track what the different parties do and when.
  • Make tokens for a few dozen monsters.

One Response to “Day 7: Checklist”

  1. Johnny Oneiric Says:

    Very cool, Ry. I’m pumped. Put me down as an interested party. I’d like to play (host?) a few sessions when this comes to life.

    Oh, and I liked the honourable mention (however oblique!), and am mighty glad to read that, in addition to all this, you’ll be continuing with our games on the Hill!

    Lemme know if I can do anything (create maps, generate name lists, re-skin creatures) to get TAG’s Folly off the ground.

    -Johnny (digs anonymity)

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