August 2, 2009

The town of Husk will be the hub of the new campaign.  I see it as being like the cities in the Trigun anime, but much later on.  The entire town lies in the shadow of the remnants of an enormous vessel of some kind.  From far away, you can’t really see the twon, and the vessel looks like a little like this:

ddt2 - edited

Link to unedited picture

Closer up I and when the shadow isn’t completely obscuring the town, I picture something more like this:


Link to original unedited image

Features of Husk

1. Protection from winds

2. Rain shadow / runoff (the ship itself is tall and cool, and condensation runs through it from the other side and runs down the inner side in rivulets)

3. Crater (oasis where the water gathers from the ship’s runoff)

4. Natural fortification.

5. “We dream of a time before Wasters like us ever found the ship, when the ones who lived here thought it might run again, before its engines cooled, before birds used it as a place to roost and moss grew on its hull.”

6. The people of Husk have heard of Wingsfall and Shadowspan, to the east and south, but no Waster has been to those places in living memory. A few Knocks made the journey from Shadowspan to here years back, but they said it’s not worth it – they say those places were just like Husk, but with more murder.

7. It used to be that pieces of the ship could do amzing things, but it’s been centuries since the whole ship was gutted for parts. Now all that remains is the husk.

I tried to pick things that would make Husk distinctive, but not something that the players will feel like they need to spend endless hours on.  The world – the one beyond the safety of Husk – is what’s really waiting to be discovered.


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