Day 6: D&D Insider

August 2, 2009

So Mike persuaded me that 4th Edition really was the kind of ruleset I wanted for the Tag’s Folly campaign.

Here’s some reasons why I was convinced; the top two weren’t even part of our discussion, but definitely in the back of my mind.

  1. I could spend weeks and weeks developing something that works only slightly better for my purposes, and that makes my game that much harder to get into, since no one has read my rules.
  2. If I write the book, I’ll be tempted to mess with the rules, and that’s something I definitely don’t want to spend my time on.
  3. I know how d20 games work, inside and out.
  4. Toronto (and the Toronto Area Gamers) definitely has a player base that wants to play 4e.  Even better: Wizards of the Coast is continuously doing my marketing for me.
  5. Combats aren’t that long if you stay focused and do them right.

Now, doing the game with 4e doesn’t mean I’m stuck in a setting that’s a bog-standard fantasy clone; I’ll rip the guts out and do my own thing.  Clichés can be fun but I am so sick of dwarves and elves and halflings that I literally just puked on my keyboard writing the first half of this sentence.  Well, not really.  But there was some kind of gustatory discomfort.

Anyway, I can get Tag’s Folly to 90% of where I want it with 4e, and I’ll get the rest with a small set of house rules, good communication with the players, and a little elbow grease.

So, I decided to subscribe to the D&D Insider thing, because it’s got tons and tons of content.  Right now I’m poking around and seeing what’d be the most fun to steal, what would do well re-skinned, and so on.  I’ll probably do another Thoughts post later today.


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